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If you're looking for an exciting and unique way to enjoy playing volleyball, then look no further! Wreckhouse offers leagues, tournaments, camps, and clinics to help young players develop their skills. Check out our offerings below!

Tournaments & Leagues

Our volleyball tournaments and leagues offer a great opportunity to get together with friends and compete in a fun and competitive atmosphere!


Tournaments are usually completed over 1-2 days and participants register as a team.

Our leagues are a great way to get involved in an ongoing competition, with games taking place across multiple weeks.

Participants can register with a school or club team, or register as an individual and be placed on a team. Our leagues are designed to give all players a chance to get involved and play – regardless of skill level.


Camps & Clinics

Our volleyball camps and clinics provide a fun and informative environment for young athletes to learn and improve their volleyball skills.


Our camps are multi-day events filled with activities, drills and games designed to teach the fundamentals of volleyball.

Clinics are shorter training experiences that focus on specific skills, such as serving, setting, and hitting.


Wreckhouse's experienced coaches will help you become a better volleyball player and have a great time doing it!

Our Camps

We offer 5 main camp types:

  • Skills

  • Elite

  • Complete

  • Competition

  • Little Diggers

Volleyball Practice

Skills Camps

These camps will focus on technical & tactical skill development with age-appropriate sessions Monday-Thursday and finish on Friday with a competition.

Skills camps are organized and run by our summer staff, which are all elite athletes who play at the university and provincial team levels. Occasionally there will also be a special guest coach too!

Camp Registration

Upcoming Events

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